Your project is unique and several factors will determine the price.

Please give us all the informations you have to quote it precisely. (place, time, nature of the event, guests number, inspiration you already have...) 

You could still have a look on our e-shop and buy one of our collections.



Application fees (quotation, schedule etc.) // 30,00 €

Envelope adress // from 2,50 € to 7,00 € per unit (usually 3,10 € /u.)

Named line (invitations, place-cards etc.) // from 1,60 € to 2,50 € per unit (usually 1,60 € /u.)

Table names or numbers, wood sign with brush lettering // from 7,00 € to 15,00 €

Plan de table complet - prix sur demande selon le nombre de tables, d'invités et le support choisi

Logo and monogramme // 400,00 €

Map with watercolour and calligraphy // 300,00 € (design only)



Wrong listing or abusive guests addition, urgent work, difficult paper (fibrous, dark or textured), special and gilt inks, customised writing.